Female teacher was busted for recruiting young girls into ‘homo’ activities

Police in Kiira region, are still holding one Lydia Mukoda, a teacher at PMM girls secondary school, for reportedly hoodwinking students into unnatural sexual tendencies.

Mukoda who is in custody at at Jinja central police station is expected to appear in court today. Her luck ran out on Friday last week after several parents and old girls stormed the school protesting against growing acts of lesbianism in the school.

The group specifically pinned Mukoda for recruiting and manipulating young girls into the illegal activity.

The parents complained that the school administration has been reluctant to address their concerns.

The Kira Regional Police Spokesperson James Mubi says Mukoda was finally arrested and charged with sexual manipulation of minors. Mukoda has since declined to speak about the matter.

A source who prefers anonymity alleges that Mukoba is a wealthy woman who lives in Walukuba estate in Jinja. The anonymous source says she offers lots of money to her victims in exchange for unnatural sex. She approaches her victims with 100,000 shillings and in some cases goodies like sodas, chocolates, cakes, before luring them.

However, the PMM headteacher, Grace Akwang has dismissed the allegations. She claims the suspect, who is known personally to her has never participated in lesbian acts.

Female teacher was busted for recruiting young girls into homo activities

On his part Haruna Mulopa, the Jinja city principal education officer says that, aggrieved parents have been invited for an urgent meeting on Monday next week, where information concerning Mukoda’s suspicious activities will be relayed directly to them.

Mukoba is reportedly a daughter to a former Agricultural Officer and Jinja SSS teacher.