Swangz Avenue star Winnie Nwagi, has declared that her daughter will never have the opportunity to meet her biological father.

Nwagi shares that she has assured her daughter that she plays the roles of both father and mother in her life, instructing her not to inquire about her dad.

The singer expresses a firm stance, emphasizing her willingness only to introduce her daughter to a responsible and caring father figure, in contrast to the man who fathered her.

“He’s (the biological father) in the past. Let’s take it that he used me and left. I left him to God to forgive him, I can’t,” Nwagi partly rants.

According to the mother-of-one, she views her daughter’s biological father as someone who inflicted harm by abandoning them when she was pregnant, equating the situation to a form of abandonment and betrayal.

She maintains a resolute position, refusing to forgive him or entertain any remorse for her daughter not having the chance to physically meet her dad.

Winnie Nwagi emphasizes that if faced with legal proceedings regarding child custody, she is prepared to take drastic measures, vowing to create chaos and confront anyone advocating for her daughter to meet her biological father.

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