If there’s one artist who doesn’t rate Big Size Bebe Cool is none other than Biswanka!

Biswanka thinks that Bebe Cool is no longer big and influential! Speaking during his latest interview with a local channel, the 21-year-old singer labeled Bebe as a certified faded artist, who no longer has the moral authority to comment on the musician’s works.

Bebe Cool, with over 20 years of experience in the music industry, has been a big influence on many young artists. Despite his long-standing career and achievements, Biswanka remains unimpressed, questioning Bebe Cool’s current contributions to the industry.

Biswanka says that he’s from the trending generation and confidently slammed the Gagamel boss.

“Bebe Cool is not a big musician. I can clearly say that I am better than him in every way. He doesn’t have a hit song at the moment, and that’s why he doesn’t need to say anything in the industry,” Biswanka lashed out at ‘King Fi di Jungle’

He also went on to criticize the annual Bebe Cool list calling it “stupid” and “irrelevant.”

Meanwhile, musically speaking, Bebe is working on an album titled, “Break The Chain.” According to the Gagamel boss, he is working hand in hand with top music producers across the continent to put the work together. Recently, he and team jetted to Nigeria to put final touches on the highly billed album.

The decision to record in Nigeria stemmed from a conversation with Bushingtone, who encouraged him to collaborate with Nigerian talent.

Explaining the significance behind the album’s title, Bebe Cool expressed his desire to challenge prevailing mindsets and foster a sense of collective unity among Africans.

He emphasized the need for solidarity rather than individualistic pursuits, citing his admiration for the Nigerian music industry as a prime example of collaborative success.