TikTok Star Shifrah has recently expressed her disappointment to her followers upon learning that her friend and rising singer, D-Star (Hoozambe), recently traveled to Kenya without her.

In an emotional TikTok Live session, Shifrah candidly shared her feelings, saying, “Even me I am coming alone, it’s okay.

Her words resonated with her audience, reflecting the close bond between the two influencers.

Shifrah and D-Star, who gained fame with their viral TikTok challenge video “Hoozambe,” have been enjoying a wave of success but now the pair cannot share a cup of tea. D- star swears never to use her as vixen in his forthcoming projects.

Latest we have gathered indicates that Shifra is set to drop her new song to counter D-star. Shifra and her writer White Blood Music stormed Blu Sky studio in Makindye, where they linked up with producer Josh King to record her first music project. 

Shifrah promised that anytime from now she will be releasing her first song before pleading for support from music lovers. 

Watch the video below;