After almost eight years away, NTV is returning the popular dance show, Hot Steps which groomed some dancers back in the day. At the launch last Saturday, judges and a presenter for the show were named.

The Launch Day Hosts Esco and Recho K

When was the last time you sat through a local TV show and did not want it to end? The truth hurts but it has be told, that the days of good local TV programmes are almost behind us. Could it be the reason NTV is seeing it fit to borrow from the past and reintroduce Hot Steps, one of the shows that had people glued to the TV station eight years ago.

NTV Hot Steps is remembered for having given birth to some of the renowned dancers in the industry, including Rozmerie and Viccy of the RVC dance trio.


The competition’s new judge

Now after almost eight years away, the show is coming back, with not too many changes. During the launch of the show at Club Guvnor on Saturday, Rachael K was announced as host of the show, while Ronnie Mulindwa formerly of Obsessions and dancers Rosemary Atim and Wembley were named as the judges.

SOURCE: sqoop.