Two people, who had initial contact with an Ebola victim in Kasese district, have also tested positive to the deadly virus, the World Health Organization has announced.

According to the announcement on the WHO tweet feed, the two new confirmed cases are relatives of the five-year-old boy- a Ugandan national who was the first case to be confirmed in the country. According to WHO, the five-year-old boy passed away this morning.

The three cases are believed to have travelled to Uganda from DRC after participating in the burial of a family member. On their journey back, they came back with four other relatives one of whom was the widow of the deceased.

The two new confirmed cases include the grandmother to the deceased and his three-year-old brother.

According to WHO, the family first sought treatment at Kagando Hospital after the boy began feeling unwell as soon as they crossed into Uganda on June 9. They are now receiving treatment at Bwera Ebola Treatment Unit, at Bwera Hospital.

The three are the first confirmed cases that Uganda has reported since an outbreak was declared in the DRC in August 2018. As of last week, a total of 2025 Ebola cases had been reported in DRC. 1357 deaths have been recorded in the country since the outbreak was declared.

The ministry of health together with WHO are expected to carry out ring vaccination starting tomorrow of all persons that might have come into contact with the deceased and all person who came into contact with direct contact.