Prudential Uganda has today announced a $30,000 donation to Mulago National Referral Hospital inform of essential medical supplies such as safety boxes for syringes, heavy duty aprons, sterile and examination gloves etc

The donation, which is part of the Prudential Post COVID Recovery Funds initiative, is a significant step in Prudential’s commitment to the health and well-being of Ugandans and supporting vital institutions such as Mulago National Referral Hospital to boost their ability to provide exceptional medical care.

Tetteh Ayitevie, the CEO of Prudential Uganda, said COVID had impacted many people and institutions, emphasizing that there was need for collective action in journey to recovery.

“As we navigate the post-COVID landscape, Prudential Uganda remains committed to our community’s health and well-being. Our partnership with Mulago National Referral Hospital is a testament to our dedication of fostering a stronger and more resilient healthcare system,” he said.

Dr. Rosemary Byanyima, the Executive Director of Mulago National Referral Hospital, thanked Prudential and its community investment arm, noting that the support will be instrumental in ongoing efforts to enhance patient care and medical services.

“Mulago National Referral Hospital hosts one of the largest number of patients and to-date, it remains the epicentre of the fight against COVID. This contribution contributes significantly to our post-COVID recovery endeavours,”she said.

This Covid relief fund has been provided by Prudential Uganda with the support from the Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of Prudential plc in Asia and Africa.

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