From an empty metallic suit case and osoufia bag with a 2 inch mattress Henry Suubi Kiyimba’s dream of becoming an engineer has been boosted with a list of unbelievable things he has collected in the past few days.

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Suubi gained fame after being Ridiculed by tweeps for reporting to University with a metallic suitcase and plastic bag a week ago, Suubi had initially been admitted to Bsc Education (Economics) at Makerere University, through the Government sponsorship scheme.

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The Makerere University (MAK) fresher who was pictured with a metallic suitcase and osoufia bag. Ssuubi had indicated that he did not even know he was being discussed online because he didn’t own a smartphone. He only had his kabiriiti.

Below is a list of all things Suubi has collected so far:

1. Over 5 millions in cash.
2. A smart phone (iPhone 6)
3. Two new laptops.
4. Groceries including 5kgs of rice.
5. A new leather case and so many clothes and new shoes.
6. New beddings.
7. A full scholarship to do Mechanical Engineering.
8. A smart watch.
9. Stationery and so much more.