Over the weekend, the purple party tour headed to Hoima and as usual, it was a massive show.

Some of the top musicians like Lydia Jazmine, Spice Diana, Sheebah, John Blaq among others performed for the people who seemed not to have enough.

Among the other entertainers that graced the event were top Mcees who kept th revellers on their feet. They included Crysto Panda, Mc Isaac, Mc Kacheche among others.

The organisers had allocated each Mcee a specific period of time to take over the stage and entertain the crowds.

All had gone according to the plan until booze took over Mc Isaac’s who attacked Crysto Panda.

It has now come to our understanding that Mc Isaac attacked Crysto Panda for being affiliated to NTV yet the Party was organised by an NBS TV employee so Isaac felt that Crysto who is from a competing media house did not deserve to introduce a big musician like John Blaq to the stage.

The organiser of the Purple Party is a former employee of NTV and a good friend to Crysto Panda so we are not sure if the beef is between Mc Isaac and Crysto Panda or NBS TV and NTV

A number of musicians and entertainers have criticized Mc Isaac’s behaviour but he is yet to apologise.

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