Singer Eddy Kenzo’s heart must be racing at Usain Bolt’s speed ahead as the world is eagerly waiting for his Ex-girlfriend Rema Namukala’s Kwanjula ceremony.

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Rema will be introducing her love doctor Dr. Hamza Ssebunya to her parents on 14th of this month in Nabbingo Masaka.

It seems obvious that Kenzo is very hurt and not willing want to see once the love of his life taken for good.  Last month’s Pompous Kukyala didn’t leave the Bibaawo star the same as he lost lost sleep and appetite for a full week.

Now in a bid to avoid social media drama Presumably, the BET Award winner has unfollowed Rema on Instagram and apparently blocked her on Facebook… he probably cannot stand seeing pics of the couple flooding all over internet.

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Kenzo has upcoming shows and if ridiculed and trolled by fans it can break him down.

On the other hand, Rema was also advised by loved ones to go off social media until further notice. She has been mute without posting anything for the past three weeks now.

In Nabbingo, preparations for the memorable day are in high gear and as it stands nothing can seem to stop the Kwanjula to happen.

We shall keep you posted.