Singer Eddy Kenzo has continued to show the world that he could have managed to wed ex-girlfriend, Rema Namakula if he wanted.

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Rema dumped Kenzo for a loaded Zzinacologist, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya after the Big Talent boss ate her bean, including the soup on credit for five years.

It is alleged that Kenzo used to tell Rema how he didn’t have enough dime to make it official despite cashing in every week. It was at that point that the Guttujja singer realized that she was perhaps wasting time to flog a dead horse thus moving on!

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Now after successfully getting ride of her, Kenzo has unleashed his true colors. In his latest songs, Ssemyekozo, he points out that he is loaded enough to make any woman happy if he chooses to.

While performing yesterday at DJ Roja and Slick Stuart’s mix tape party, he walked the talk and threw bundles of Mazike the in air, just show Rema that he is indeed super rich.

Check out the clip below;

Yesterday, Kenzo proved to his fans that he is a SEMYEKOZO eyakolamu akasente ne kawera.While performing on stage, he pulled out bundles of 50K notes and started giving out money to his fans. Approximately, he gave out over 3M to the fans. Abayiimbi abalala abataakolamu ffe tubafuuwa. Ye Kenzo ye yatufuuye. Yakolamu ddala ono Semyekozo.

Posted by Ray Supasta on Saturday, November 9, 2019