Songstress Rema Namakula has finally dropped visuals for her sweet ballad, ‘Tonyt’. 

‘Tonyt’ audio, a song written by Ronnie, has been trending No.1 on YouTube since the day it was released.

However, Rema, who is gearing up for her upcoming show at Lugogo Cricket Oval early next year, felt that there was a need to release the video of the song ASAP! Unlike the audio which ticks all the boxes in terms of lyrics, arrangement and execution, the video, shot by Aaronaire Onset, is below the standards, in my opinion.

Look, ‘Tonyt’ has the potential to boss airwaves not only in Uganda but across the continent. Talk about the harmonies, the vocals, plus the fact that Rema sings effortlessly in English and Luganda, which gives the song a wide scoop of market beyond borders but visuals can only be consumed here!

I think Aaronaire fails on the colouring part but at least the storyline is on point. Rema has been missing on the charts but with Tonyt, she has reminded, especially those who are forgetful, about her magic.

Enjoy Tonyt Below;