Following reports that he had put his Seguku mansion on sale, very many potential buyers including Rema’s boo, Hama Ssebunya came out and expressed their desires to purchase it.

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Sebunya, through his social media platform, posted that he wants to buy the house and that they should arrange a meeting with Kenzo to discuss details of the deal.

He further suggested that the main reason for his interest in the house was because Kenzo’s daughter, Aamal likes it and so does Rema.

“I’m ready to buy Eddy Kenzo’s House! Because Our Daughter Aamal likes it and even my wife seconds it,” he posted. “My brother Musuza we can schedule a meeting and negotiate this business deal, Thank You!” Hamza added.

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However in a fresh interview, Kenzo said he won’t  be selling his house for one reason— No one can afford it.

He claims the house is valued at Ugx 2billion.

“…i cannot sell off my home, no one can afford it because it is valued at 2 Billions now. Am Planning to give it away to my Big Talent Soccer academy but not selling it”, he said.

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It is said that he co-owns the house with Rema. It is not clear if he will compensate her if he puts the house off the market.