City socialite and thigh vendor Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has virtually b0nked everyone in our wrecked city and beyond.

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The city man-eater has slept with men, tall and short, black and brown, broke and rich, fat and thin, name it.

As we write this Bad Black has revealed how she and male socialite and moneybags Bryan White was her b0nkmate.

Bad Black claims that she slept with and ravaged Bryan White’s Bed with selfless abandon.

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At a time when Bad Black was broke, Bryan White came to her rescue and she rewarded him with her succulent albeit tired, pair of thighs.

“Jajja mwami, was my boyfriend when he had just come. We enjoyed. I was very broke then. He woke me up and I in turn gave him my nva (sumbie).” said Bad Black as she appeared on an interview on a local television station.

Now we believe that Bad Black is right when she claims to have slept with the devil.

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