Manager, Roger Lubega is in tears after discovering that Spice Diana has been cheating on him with King Saha. Roger, who doubles as manager and lover at the same time has invested heavily in Spice’s career by buying her a car, setting up a recording studio and financing audio and video projects.

Spice Diana with manager/boyfriend, Roger having good time in Dubai

Emotional Roger says he loves Spice and warns King Saha to stay away or else he will bring her down musically like what he did to Ziza Bafana.

He also threatens to release King Saha and Spice Diana’s sex tape.

King Saha with Spice

Read Roger’s narration to blogger, Ray Supasta below;

Hi Ray. Hope Oli bulunji kiganda kyange. I am called #Manager_Roger. Manager to Spice Diana.
Mugansa wange njagala onyambe otegeeze ensi emanye empisa za Spice Diana.
Ray as u know, I have invested a lot in Spice Diana’s career for the past two yrs. Ne mukolera ne concert nga ndowooza nkolera mukyaala wange.
Naye Ray I have been so disappointed to find out that bulijjo Diana ne King Saha beekuba amatooke.

I have always suspected them naye nga Diana yewakana. She never let’s me touch her phone, she hides it from me as if she’s hiding ARVs. Even when she’s going to the toilet she alwt goes with it.
So recently she got some diarrhea and when she got the diarrhea attack, she just ran to the toilet and spent there like 30 mins. That was enough time for me to check everything in her phone.
Ray I found their photos with Saha nga bekola buli kintu abaagalana kye beekola. I even found their sex tape era Saha bwe yewakana am going to release the sex tape ensi ebalabe nga beekuba amatooke.

Recently Diana went to Dubai for a show and when she was coming bk she refused me to pick her nti she’ll grab a cab to home.
But I must noticed that it’s actually Saha who picked her from the airport. Ray check those pics I have sent u ogenda kubalaba. Ebyo ebifaananyi ebilala baali mulungo nga beyisizzamu abafulu nga bonna betunuzzaamu emundu.

Naye Ray muganda wange abakazi baagala ki?? Ki kye sikoledde Diana? Mugulidde emotoka, mukoledde studio, muwanise waggulu. Naye era she’s cheating on me with King Saha.
Ray I even heard that that sing of Saha called BILI BILI he was singing it for Diana. Mbu babiddemu BILI BILI
Ray ask yo followers bampe ku magezi nkole ntya?? Ye Diana mwagala wadde yeeyelusa
Ye Saha ayagala ki anviire ku mukazi mazima??
But Ray nze if Diana doesn’t stop cheating on me with King Saha ngenda naye kumuta agwe nga bwe nata Ziza Bafana naagwa
Ray let me send u their sex tape olabe seriously.