Ugandan socialite-cum businesswoman Zari Hassan alias the Boss Lady walked down the aisle with his loaded boyfriend king bae on Friday

Zari has been dating King bae since she parted ways with highly celebrated Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz in 2018 but she could not reveal his identity.

Besides not sharing his face on social media, the Boss Lady could not even mention his name, until their private wedding held in South Africa on Nelson Mandela Day, the man remained to be King Bae or Mr P.

After the wedding, we eventually managed to discern his real identity, that is, name and face, but only after criss-crossing the internet, specifically social media platforms a number of times.

The search resulted in Prince Mickymill, going by the name (prince_mickymill_goat) on Instagram.

He is the King bae Zari has been talking about and he is the formal husband to the socialite.

Unlike Zari, Prince has few followers on Instagram with less than 500 posts, and indication his fame is not comparable to his newly married wife.

He describes Zari as a woman with wisdom who got a good heart and works hard. He has congratulated Zari after their wedding.

“A friend with wisdom with hard work with a good heart u the true definition of Every time I felt like giving up I had to remember why I started! U a great inspiration Congz to ur new journey in marriage with the best u deserve the best @zarithebosslady,” he posted.

While reacting to the post, Zari revealed how she misses her King bae.

“Miss you so much….,” Zari reacted to his post


Here are some photos of Zari’s husband.


From the pictures above you can see the man is almost the same age as Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond is also set to marry a Kenyan, Tanasha Donna who is expecting a baby in a period of less than two complete months. Their first wedding was to happen in last year before they postponed it to an unknown date.