After packing all her belongings and emptying all stuff in Kenzo’s Seguku pad,our snoops sat down with one of the workers at Kenzo’s Seguku pad to get some info about the former celebrity couple.

According to one of the domestic workers we found at the mansion shortly after Rema had left the house with everything,it is said that Kenzo truly loved and adored his girlfriend even though he didn’t get enough time for family.

”Am saddened by the fact that Rema and Kenzo have parted ways for good but i can assure you that for the short time i have worked here, i can’t tell you of anything that Kenzo did to suggest he never loved and adored his woman.It was love all through but some times you have to respect some one’s decision” a care taker who preferred anonymity intimated to us.

Rema is set to introduce his new boy friend Hamza Sebunya on the 14th of November