Mowzey Radio’s bro Frank Ssekibogo came out yesterday and pinned Chagga to have stolen a phone belonging to the late legendary crooner.

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Visibly very bitter, Frank further claimed that Chagga is selling all songs Radio left in studios.

Speaking to  a local TV Station,  Frank revealed how the former Good Lyf manager together with producer Washington joined forces to gain from Mowzey Radio’s deal.

“Washington stole the money which Mowzey had gone to pay at his site. You can’t tell me that he went to the site to pay workers without any money because by the time we reached the hospital Radio didn’t have a single coin on him. Washington stole it.

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He couldn’t even the hospital bills at St. Elizabeth clinic despite stealing all Mowzey’s money. You caught in his pockets and even took his precious golden ring. angry Frank stated.

Now Chagga has come out to defend himself. He has asked Frank to remember that Mowzey inspired so many people and therefore trying to imitate him doesn’t mean that they are using his exact work.

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