Police are investigating an incident in which 218 million shillings was stolen after thugs robbed Pride Microfinance, Soroti Branch. The incident took place on Saturday night.

The bank was broken into by unknown thugs who reportedly accessed the control room for cash after sabotaging the safe. They also removed CCTV cameras and left with the money.

Michael Odongo, the Regional Police Spokesman for East Kyoga says a recorded statement from the bank manager indicates a loss of 218 million shillings.

Two security guards are in police custody at Soroti Central Police Station to help with investigations on allegations that they are part of a gang that broke into Pride Microfinance Bank in Soroti Town on and made off with the huge chunks of cash.

Odongo identified the guards as James Ojara, 20, and John Omusugu, 23 from Saracen Security Company. He said two others were arrested after police sniffer dogs led officers to their homes.

He added that the security guards also gave contradicting statements after the incident and one security guard was only three days old at the workplace while the colleague had worked there for six months.

He notes that police are investigating the matter and will use the available CCTV footage nearby to net the criminals.