Rapper Keko is back in the news. Hit song? No. She is back with a sad rape tale. Through her Twitter account, the rapper has revealed that she was raped after spending a night at the residence of an elderly woman she had trusted.

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She claims she was invited for a drink up before the fateful night. She was set up by an elderly friend who was paid by rapists.

“So apparently I never thought people can pay people you know to invite you to an event spike your drink and have you raped then tell you a wild story like you are a first time drinker,” she tweeted.

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“So after I was invited to this event by an elderly lady from my motherland to come and share her moment of triumph and by elderly I mean wanting  and needing assistance and walking elderly  I obliged as she was somebody I remembered from my childhood, a neighbor. I mean that was a great move,” she narrated.

The musician also says she was beaten up by rapists leaving her with a burst lips and bruises all over her body.