2019 has been a year of good videos, we can surely say that Ugandan artistes have now started to invest heavily in music videos, something that is currently putting them on international music platforms.

However, there are some songs that disappointed us so much, after artistes investing highly in videos, they still failed to make it to the top hits.

Here are some of the songs:

1. Jealousy by Sheebah

Sasha Vybz has never disappointed when it comes to video production,and surely he went extreme on this one. It’s evident that Sheebah invested highly on Jealousy video, basing on the location, the costumes, video quality, the airplane, to mention but a few. But apparently Jealousy is a kind of song that you would wish to see but not listen to. In the song, Sheebah was only ‘ranting’ about people who feel bad about her success allegedly Nina Roz or Cindy.

2. Raha by Eddy Kenzo

You might definitely not be sure if you have ever heard or watched this song, but it’s one of Eddy Kenzo’s 2019 release. The video composition was on point and we can acknowledge director Aaronaire for the good job well done, but the song failed to impress.

3. Nkuliyo by Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool said he invested over Shs80 million in the song’s video production, but despite its expensive budget, it’s very rear to find Nkuliyo playing anywhere, but I can confirm that the video was so much on point and the audio was also quite impressive, but the song just failed to work.

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4. Wakyuka by Geosteady

This is one of Geosteady’s best songs of 2019, the video quality was just on point, lyrical composition was so mature, but unfortunately this song has failed to make it to top charts, I think we can blame it on people who don’t understand the meaning of ‘good music’ because this song deserves to be among the best. The video was done by Active Concepts, and audio was done by Nessim Pan Production.

5. Big Party by King Michael

Possibly with the help from the money he got from Bryan White Foundation, King Michael excelled this time round in terms of visual quality, the costumes, the video vixen’s and everything in the video were dope, but  few people know this song.

6. Kwiso Bando by Ykee Benda

The attires, the dance, the video quality, and everything in the video clearly show that Benda heavily invested in this video, the song has a very unique script that made Benda to go so artistic and creative, I could proudly say this is an ‘AFFRIMA class’ video, but the song just failed to impress on the local market, let’s hope that international awards recognize it next year.

7. Bwebinyuma by Chris Evans

In this song, Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi went off his usual boring person and produced a very interesting video, kudos Meddy Menz, the man behind this video for its was well scripted, well directed, the vixen was on point, but the singer has not yet harvested from the high budgeted video that he invested in.

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8. My day by David Lutalo

On watching this video, you become very sure that Lutalo can make a good actor because this song was more than just a music video but a musical movie. My day was well scripted, the video quality was on point, the story line was very entertaining, the graphics was lit, the costumes, vixen among others. But I think its quit disappointing on Lutalo’s side after investing a lot and his song failing to make it on top music charts.

9. Your body by Vinka

Swangz Avenue’s Veronica Luggya alias Vinka went super sexy in her song Your Body, the picture quality, the wardrobe selection and the dances were all on point, but despite her consistence in producing good songs, this time round the singer failed to impress on this one.

10. Sabisubira by Rodney Y

This is the best video Kabako has ever produced, it was shot by Swangz Film and directed by Marvin Musoke. Sabisubira has very good lyrical content, audio production was so lite and everything about this song was just perfect as the video took us in the future. We can basically say that it’s an AFRIMA kinda song, but not sure how it will make it to continental awards when it has even failed to become hit on the local market.