It is not yet over until its over! Having refused to sign divorce papers and starting own church, Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo’s Ex-wife Teddy Naluswa is in for another bloody beef in 2020.

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Bugingo is not fully convinced that Teddy is filled with the blood of Jesus to become a successful pastor. And with this he has indirectly sent her a warning that being a Pastor/minister is not sexually transmitted.

While preaching to his ardent sheep this Week on Wednesday, Bujjingo fussed that being a church minister is a calling from God but some women think because they are wives to pastors, its automatic for them to become pastors too.

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“We now have sexually transmitted ministers and it’s a big mistake in our country. I don’t know when it started but out of the blue every pastor’s wife thinks they can be pastors too. You hear them preaching yet they don’t know anything about God’s calling,” he said.

Teddy Naluswa opened a new church ministry at Hotel Triangle in Kampala after falling out with Bujjingo. She got kicked out of HPMI in 2019.

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Bujjingo and Teddy were married for almost 29 years but the couple had a bitter split after a new woman Suzan Makula Nantaba, also an employee at Salt Media, came in picture.