Seems every successful person has a breathtaking story of his or her past life and once he or she shares it, people learn a thing or two.

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Stunning Spark TV’s Lugambo queen, Gabriella Bridget Ntaate has publicly revealed how she used to live life recklessly that taught her a big lesson.

In a mind-blowing Interview, a visibly confident Ntaate opened up;

“…I’m a person who has lived a very reckless life before, going down the road to sleep with men for money, you don’t love them, you not connected but u just want what they are going to give u. I was a drunkard too, so if I can get out of that life, you have no excuse of staying in that life,”

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Ntaate is known for being extremely fierce, principled and overly confident TV personality and musician.

According to an interview salvaging on the social media platforms that was shared by her co- Livewire host, Ray P on her YouTube account, Gabie Ntaate reveals how like the rest of the humans lived a reckless life before mention sleeping with men for money and drinking her lungs out due to personal reasons but she transformed into a better life.


Watch the video below


Posted by Kakensa Media on Sunday, February 16, 2020

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