Musician Bebe Cool confirmed that he was admitted to hospital for days after Zuena Kirema left him.

Bebe Cool said he was mentally unstable after the love of his life rejected him. He felt useless and wanted her back in his life.

“It’s hard to deal with a breakup. My doctor was very secretive about what I was going through, but it was tough. I refused to eat for one month and lost my mind. I blacked out and when Zuena heard it, she came back,” he narrated.

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On marrying Zuena, Bebe Cool said it won’t exceed next year and his wedding will be the best ever seen in this country.

“She used to demand for a wedding but I told her we needed to first make sure her parents and siblings are doing well. Zuena is  the first born. She has many responsibilities. There are things we had to do before the wedding,” he explained on why their wedding has delayed.