On Monday this week, Uganda’s now famous minister of health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng confirmed nine cases of coronavirus patients in the country.

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However, disturbing though, all cases were reported in people arriving in the country from Dubai aboard Emirates and Ethiopian airlines.

Seemingly having Sensed danger, the minister called up all travelers who visited Dubai in the last two weeks to report at the designated places by the government for testing.

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Now one of the concerned citizen, Muhammed Almukhail a nurse in AbuDhabi has critically cautioned and informed fellow nationals in UAE of how Coranavirus is being spread unknowingly.

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In his long post, Muhammed claims that the UAE government is deliberately concealing the info about the deadly pandemic with an aim of protecting the image of the country.

Below is his post;

Dear Non Nationals in United Arab Emirates

Listen to this dozzier and take very good care of yourselves. Some of you will probably not believe it but that’s your choice.

Am very sure many of you are aware Egypt and Iran have the most number of Corona cases and death in Arab world. You know this information because those countries chose to display the information to its public and the world. United Arab Emirates will never give such bad message to the world because they are always protecting the image of their leader and nation at the expense of humanity.

Secret leaks indicate that around 98, Phillipinoes, 210 Indians, 350 Parkistanies, 251 Africans, 16 UAE nationals, 119 Egyptians, 76 Irans, 311 Bangladesh and many other nationalities in small numbers have been diagnosed with Corona virus in UAE in the last 60 days.

Approximately 622 cases have died so far and the number is increasing at a speed of light. There is information that they are revising a move of injecting the patients with a certain killer antidote to kill them on spot. Apparently when u die your buried immediately with out even informing your family. They are doing this to reduce on the costs of treating non emarate nationals.

Corona virus is everywhere in UAE, on the streets, shopping malls, mosques etc and people are catching it but the public has been totally misled in order to minimise public punic. The policy of UAE on media is very strict and paramount on protecting the image of the royal family.

The first corona virus patient in Uganda had visited dubai on 17th and boom! Acquired easy like that. But just ask your self how many people did he interact with during his stay out there? Also why do you think he passed through UAE airports with out them catching it? You must be damn if u think they actually failed to catch it with their high systems and controls at the airport’s but was caught by Uganda with its shack medical systems.

Well, Ugandans in UAE, you fellows have been dying so far and u will never know it till one disappears for good. Be cautious, trust no one, wear masks, sanitize your selves quite often, stop your sex vending business you stupid prostitutes, do not shake hands with Indians and Bangladesh, Egyptians and my fellow Iran nationals because they are the carriers and keep a distance from each other.

That Country is not safe and has very wicked Secrets.

May God have mercy upon all of us.

Good luck

Sincerely Muhammed Almukhail (Iran Nurse in AbuDhabi)