Uganda National security council has instituted a taskforce tagged inter-agency coalition involving Uganda police force- UPF together with the People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) to oversee and enforce the recent directives given by the president.

The group constitutes of at least 240 selected medical personnel from both Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and Uganda Police Force (UPF) who have been selected to join the Ministry of Health staff in the fight against coronavirus.

The task force will be led by the UPDF defense forces deputy Lt Gen Wilson Mbadi.

Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson said in a press conference on Wednesday at Naguru that the task force will handle anyone caught breaching the instructions given by the president during his subsequent speeches.

Enanga stressed that no public gatherings are expected.

“We have put up an Inter-Agency task force to deal with anyone who will be found in breach of the guidelines. We don’t expect to see any gatherings. We shall also assist the Ministry of Health in the evacuation exercise,” Mr

Enanga further explained that the interparty taskforce committee has opened toll free lines for the public to report cases of COVID -19 from their communities to be picked up in a quick time.

The numbers are 0713250391, 0714012734 0753997665 0772831993, 0772510522 and 077235401.

He also encouraged the public to use the toll-free numbers given by the Ministry of Health Toll-Free numbers (0800100066, 0800203033 and 0800303033) for COVID-19 related inquires and when the need for health officials arises.

The UPDF Deputy Spokesperson, Lt Col Deo Akiiki, has warned officers in uniform that they are not following President Museveni and MoH directives to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

“The directives of the commander in chief do not segregate whether you are in uniform or not and it’s the same with COVID 19. So let’s all be vigilant and take the preventive measures seriously,” he said.