Traditional herbalist Sylvia Namutebi alias as Maama Fiina has added to many other people who have attacked and criticized the presidential advisor on Kampala matters, Catherine Kusasira for her comments soon after the Presidential directive to ban gatherings.

Kusasira demanded the President compensates event organizers whose events had been canceled due to the pandemic outbreak.

According to Maama Fiina added that she has no right to demand compensation from the government after it issued a directive to ban all the concerts in Uganda in an attempt to stop the spread of Convid 19. She said Kusasira has done nothing that helps Ugandans apart from filling her pockets. “She is just like a senseless comedian. How can you ask for compensation from the government yet it wanted to stop the spread of the deadly disease. Kusasira often parades money from the government on social media, how many Ugandans get that opportunity? I will pelt bottles at her next time. We are tired of such selfish musicians,” she explained.

It should be noted that Kusasira claimed to have organized a show at Calendar Hotel Makindye but it was canceled by the President’s directive.