Its not news that singer Grenade Official aka Basajja Mivule is eyeing to harvest aged socialite, Zari Hassan’s tired sumbie.

Grenade and Zari have been so close to each other for the past fortnight, which has left their fans and followers anticipating.

For starters, Grenade is known for chewing and smashing old women and Zari on the other hand is famous for swallowing young reptiles.

The pair have made it a point share their intimacy on camera with no apology…and their lovey dovey conversation on Instagram and snap-chat has left fans whispering.

“…I love you so much…”, the Nkuloga hit star assures Zari who in return replies “…i appreciate my dia..”.

In the same conversation the mother of five who boosts over 7M followers on Instagram calls upon his fans to follow his guy too.

Well we won’t insinuate so much, check it out below.