Could it be trouble in the garden of Eden or something? Well will insinuate a little and of course report it as the way it is of course. We always do anyway.

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Bootilicious and curvy NTV Luganda news anchor, Faridah Nakazibwe has left many of her fans on their toes after dropping a massive hint about her love life… and yes we will not take it lightly.

Nakazibwe who has a rich history of dumping men and swiftly moving on could be yet again on the move.

Faridah Nakazibwe leaving NTV? - HowweBiz.UG

To be a bit fair but precise we will not say; she removed her wedding ring. Hmm we are saying she forgot her ‘treasured’ diamond ring of her finger back home.

If hubby Omar Ssali hadn’t noticed it yet, then this could send massive cold shivers down his spine.

Faridah recently posted a pic on her social media pages with one of her lovely kids but but surprisingly, the ring was nowhere to be spotted.

Check it out;

Legally or religiously, Faridah is still Ssali’s delicious meal. The pair made it official in a pompous wedding which was held in Dubai in 2018.