Youngster Grenade Official aka Basajja Mivule has responded to questions that he is in love with a much older woman.

This follows after he and aged socialite Zari Hassan have dominated headlines recently. Apparently Grenade now enjoys Zari’s delicious beans freely.

Well the Nkuloga hit star maintained through his social media platform that what the way he feels for the mother of five is beyond love but rather an addiction.

“Everyone has an addiction, mine happens to be her “zarithebosslady” he shared. And Zari couldn’t leave her ‘Bae’s’ post hanging as she responded with love “happiness babe”.

The affair between pair was made public after their cosy video leaking on the internet.

In the video, the couple was worrying too close and ‘boss lady’ was seen jamming on Grenade’s song Mpulila Bibyo. Later he (Grenade) got so close and pecked her cheek.

When asked to comment about the love portrayed in the video, Grenade didn’t deny or accept having a romantic relationship with Zari, but instead stated that it’s not an offence to date a woman who is older.

“Any ways, falling in love with a woman who is older than you is no offense and it is acceptable most especially if you love or when you love each other to the fullest. In fact, it is very okay. At the moment though, I’m single and Zari is my good friend,” Grenade said during an interview recently.