Songbird Rema Namakula has revealed how she introduced new hubby Hamza Sebunya to her daughter Aamal Musuuza.

Before quitting her relationship with fellow singer Eddy Kenzo, the couple had a child (Aamal) together and Rema claims that moving on wasn’t that hard since they had separated for a long time with Kenzo, but telling Aamal about her new ‘father’ Hamza was the most difficult part.

While conducting a TV, Rema said that she had to prepare herself a lot before telling Aamal about Sebunya, she even had to pray a lot to seek for God’s strength because she knew that convincing the young girl wasn’t going to be easy.

“Aamal is a little girl but very intelligent, when you tell her something she can’t accept it just like that, she always asks a lot of questions so I had to pray so much for God to help me convince Aamal about my new relationship. I had to prepare myself a lot before breaking this news but thankfully they (Aamal and Sebunya) bonded very fast,” the ‘clear’ singer said.

And about her current relationship with Kenzo, Rema said that she respects Kenzo a lot and her ‘public display of affection’ with Sebunya isn’t meant to hurt him in anyway.

“I don’t have any issues with Kenzo, first, he was a good friend of mine and I can’t forget that, he is my daughter father, we had our moment among other things. I respect him a lot that’s why before moving in with Sebunya, though he had left the home for two years, I still took the initiative of telling him about my new relationship. The screen shot he shared about our last conversation was right.”