Possibly everyone in life has that one couple he or she looks up. We are seen youthful couples who wishes to be like Jayz and Beyonce, Chamili and Daniela, Bobi and Barbie or even Bebe Cool and Zuena due to reasons only known to them.

Some want to be like Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan but guess what? Sheilah and her boo wish to emulate Rema and Hamza’s love story.

The pencil thin TV star reveals that she admires how Mukyala Musaawo shows off her man in public without minding what online in laws and critics would say!

Rema has always shown massive affection for Hamza ever since he dumped celebrity boyfriend, Eddy Kenzo last year and this is what really inspires Sheilah.

Sheila Gashumba posted a Tik Tok clip imitating Rema from a time when she was interviewed and asked why she loves her hubby the way she does.

“When a tv presenter asks me why my relationship is Public!! @remah001 had me on this one”, She captioned the video and God’s Plan was pleased too. He commented; “You killed it”.

This young couple have also painted the dusty streets of Kampala with love. They can’t just wait for corona storm to settle!