Seems faded star, Full Figure is positioned to take on anyone who is not contributing anything to people in Coronavirus crisis.

Full Figure to Sipapa: Stop violence – Sqoop – Get Uganda ...

Full Figure has viciously attack various famous people, reminding them to at least give back to community.

Now she has aimed her verbal artillery towards lorded socialite Zari Hassan. She she is accusing Zari of sitting on herself and failing to donate to the vulnerable who she says are starving amid the Covid-19 lock-down.

The motormouth NRM cadre father trashes Zari and advises her to stop jumping on useless trending social media challenges.

According to her, Zari  is loaded enough and one of the most loved Ugandans with a huge social media following but she is not doing enough in this desperate situation.

“Bana Uganda tebagenda kulya zino Challenge do the needful and donate at least 50 bags of beans to them fellow rich people are donating gwe owoza challenge gulila abantu ku meere Bana Uganda nga bakwagade bo balikufuna ko kaki??”-Full Figure roared.

Meanwhile, Zari still mute perhaps figuring out how she should hit back or defend herself