If you have been in relationship with a church gal before or presently then you will be familiar with this article, but if you have not, then this is where you got to know.

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Let’s go straight to the point.

1. They Make Sure They Wear Unseductive Dress: Innocent church gals have no sense of style except for a few They Don’t know when and where do dress appetizing outfits. Some just dress anyhow just to avoid seducing you.

2. They Shy Away from tight Hugs: Most of them avoid hugging their boyfriend at his house with fears of getting laid. They believe that hugging is a sinful act. So they at least offer you hand shake as an artful way of not getting the domestic snake near their holy sumbie.

3. They Always Quote Bible Verses To Scare Off Their Guys : Yes that is what they do. Talk about any bible scripture or verses against bonking and serve the wrath of the domestic snake, especially when they get cornered between the sheets.

4. Advise Their Male Pals To Avoid Watching Adventure Movies And Love Stories; They hate it when you watch those kind of movies especially when you with them in the room alone because they know that many of these movies lead to some ‘bad acts’.

5.They Turn Down Your Eats And Drinks: They tend to suspicious and sometimes refuse eats and refreshments you offer them with fears of getting drugged and later bonked without their consent. They usually take precautions.