A colleague to that prominent NBS news Anchor Samson Kasumba has confirmed that he has been locked up behind the cells of Kira road Police post where he spent the night on allegations of sedition.
Sheila Nduhukire a fellow news anchor at the Kamwokya based Media center revealed that Kasumba was picked up on Monday night by police after his news show.
Nduhukire says that Kasumba is being held for sedition.
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However, the Managing Director Uganda Media Center , Ofwono Opondo while affirming his arrest said in a tweet on Tuesday that no one no matter how prominent is above the law.
The tweet reads ;

To the best of my recollection, there isn’t any law, at least in +256 that says a journalist, however prominent, can’t be held for questioning by the police.

Police spokesperson  Fred Enanga says Samson Kasumba’s arrest is not related to his work, as a journalist but he is  being investigated together with others for alleged ‘subversive activities.’

Enanga explained that that detectives from Electoral & Political offenses departments took a keen interest in his case following information relating to subversive activities he was involved in.

A Search at his residence has also been conducted by the investigative department this evening.

Sedition, in other words, means conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state.