Now days, many social media users hardly text messages in full. Many times when you chat with your bae, boo or pals, you see some abbreviations you don’t know and quickly runs to Mr. Google for explanation.

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Well, below are some of the abbreviations you might have seen but don’t know what they mean:

TMI: Too much information

TTYL: Talk to you later

TBH: To be honest

BRB: Be right back

XOXO: Hugs and kisses

BTW: By the way

CU: See you

IMO: In my opinion

L8R: Later

?4U: I have a question for you

121: One-to-one (private chat initiation)

143: I love you

2G2BT: Too good to be true

2M2H: Too much too handle

2MI: Too much information

2MOR: Tomorrow

404: I don’t know

420: Let’s get high/Marijuana

6Y: Sexy

AFC: Away from computer

AFAIAA: As far as I am aware

AFAIC: As far as I am concerned

AFAIK: As far as I know

IKR: I know right

ALOL: Actually laughing out loud

AMA: Ask me anything (Reddit)

AMAP: As much as possible

AMBW: All my best wishes

BAO: Be aware of

BAS: Big ‘butt’ smile

BASOR: Breathing a sigh of relief

BAU: Business as usual

BAY: Back at ya

HTH: Hope this helps

IB: I’m back

IC: I see

IMAO: Laughing my ass off? / In my arrogant opinion

ISO: In search of

ITYK: I thought you knew

IWIAM: Idiot wrapped in a moron

KOC: Kiss on cheek

KOS: Kill on sight

LHM: Lord help me

LMIRL: Lets meet in real life

LTD: Living the dream

MFI: Mad for it

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MFW: My face when

MIRL: Me in real life

NIGI: No i get it

OMW: On my way

OOH: Out of here

OOML: Out of my life

POV: Point of view

RYS: Are you single

SAT: Sorry about that

SBIA: Stand back in amazement

SOL: Sooner or later

SYS: See you soon

SYL: See you later

VBS: Very big smile

VN: Very nice

W/B: Welcome Back

WAJ: What a jerk

WAH: Working at home

WOA: Work of art

WTG: Way to go

X: kiss

YF: Wife

YGG: Young go girl

YG: Young gentleman

YHBT: You have been trolled

ZZZZ: Sleeping

ZOT: Zero Tolerance

FYI: For Your Information

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

TGIF: Thank God Its A Friday

SMFH: Shaking My F**king Head

TBT: Throw Back Thursday

GF: Girlfriend

BF: Boyfriend

So many abbreviations exist, we can’t write them all. But how many of this abbreviations do you know before from the list above. How many do you constantly use?