Seems legislature and Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze can never see anything good in something which she is not directly involved in.

A few days back, Ministry Of Health headed by Dr. Jane Aceng hired socialite and certified ‘Nekolera Jange’ Bad Black’s service to sensitize her fellow colleagues in the same business to stay away from track drivers.

For the past weeks, most of the Track drivers coming in from our neighboring countries have tasted positive for Covid-19. Since they have a habit of unleashing their reptiles on Sumbie vendors at every stop center while on their journey, Dr. Aceng realized that there was a need to use Bad Black to pass on the message.

Now seemingly unimpressed, Nambooze has jumped from her hiding and called the MoH in a Facebook post;

“Covd19 knows no laws: I hear the Ministry of health has hired one City Socialite ( Dont get suprised when the say that it costed us a billion shillings) to go around the Country counselling Prostitutes not to bed Cross- boarder truck drivers. The hired girl should be congratulated for standing out to a level of recognition….I want her to charge them real money….Bakitegeere.”, post on Facebook partly reads.

Checkout the full post below;