Social Media in-laws are still enjoying free drama and cold war proudly sponsored by the one and only Sheilah Gashumba.

Fame doesn't pay your bills – Sheilah Gashumba exposes NTV Uganda ...

Ever since Sheilah made a shocking revelation of earning peanut salary from her former bosses, it has become a topic of discussion by many people.

Others have boldly bashed and criticized the former controversial NTV The Beat co-host  and on the other side, some are confidently defending her.

Robin Kisti using fashion to rally immigrants in USA to stand up ...

The NTV Login flop Robin Kisti yesterday came out and launched a vicious attack on Sheilah. Kisti, through her Snap Chat account smeared pupu on Lil Stunner like they had never been pals and colleagues before.

Check out the screen short of Kisti’s rant on Snap Chat;

Now seemingly offended, renown socialite, Bad Black has jumped out of quarantine to defend Sheilah and advised Kisti to take a chill pill.

According Bad Black, Kisti is struggling for cheap popularity using Sheilah’s name.

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“Robin mukwano i understand Whn dey say u where looking for cheap popularity before attacking Sheilah C Gashumbaa why can’t we first find the problem lwaki ogwelela nga sabuni please. that was her veiw about tv etc gwe wavudewa do u own even any thing n world actually i don’t put war here but after i discovered oli wa Facebook let’s enjoy omanyi nze am always ready for war with recipes”, the Ex-convict posted on her Facebook page.

Checkout her full post;

Robin mukwano i understand Whn dey say u where looking for cheap popularity before attackingSheilah C Gashumbaa why…

Posted by Chanitah Ptt on Monday, May 4, 2020