Former NTV Login presenter, Robin Kisiti is not yet done with Sheilah Gashumba. Her main aim is to burst Sheilah’s bubble and brings her back to reality.

Presenters are paid according to their worth – Robin Kisti defends ...

The bickering between the two former pals started three days back when Sheilah decided to smear pupu on her former bosses for paying her peanuts for the time she worked with the Serena based TV station, something which triggered Kisti’s anger.

Ready to wrestle her down the podium, Kisti reveals how Lil Stunner’s dad Frank Gashumba just bribed the management of NTV to ensure that his daughter gets access to the screens.

Sheilah Gashumba And Dad Put Shs40M Up For Grab For Any TV ...

Through her snap chat official account, the mother of two has narrated how Sheila’s father emptied his bank accounts to make sure that his daughter realizes her TV career of working with one of the top TV powerhouses in the country.

Well we won’t spoon-feed you, checkout the clip below and have fun!

OLUTALO SABASABA NAMAZINA KU SNAPCHAT You guys who aint on Snapchat miss alot anyway follow ritahkagwa Snapchat handle Now The War is Still On after Former NTV style Project host Sheila Gashuma Responded with her kangaroo team by Body Shaming Robin Kisti and claiming she's under substance misuse ( bilagalagala)Former Login NTV presenter Robina Kisitu has gone gaga and unleashed secrets between themselves.

Posted by Ritah Kaggwa Page on Monday, May 4, 2020