Jilted former Former NTV  Presenter Sheilah Gashumba is not done yet with  shooting at her former bosses.  Sheilah claims earning peanuts is one of the reasons why some of her former colleagues run away for greener pastures.

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Since last Friday, Sheila has been in a war of words with NTV Uganda’s presenters such as Crysto Panda and former staff like Robin Kisti who have hit back telling her that she was paid little because she was not qualified, was not talented and unvalued, and only got a job at the Serena-based television station because her rich father Frank Gashumba of Sisimuka Uganda had reportedly bribed the management to help his daughter get onto the screen.

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With her father’s full backing, Sheila has been firing back at her former colleagues and exposing more of NTV’s poor salary structure.

In her latest revelation, Gashumba’s daughter has claimed that Edwin Katamba’s (MC Kats’) and Douglas Lwanga’s salaries were so miserable that they could not feed members of their families.

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She has also argued that Lwanga and Kats (who now co-present NBS TV’s After 5 show) had no option but to look for better employment at the Kamwokya-based station or keep their women and children starving.

“Both Mc Kats and Douglas Lwanga left the station because of money reasons…Those guys have families to feed but they were being paid only one million. That’s too small for a person with a wife and kids,” said Sheila Gashumba.

Sources at NBS TV recently revealed that MC Kats now earns Shs2.2m while Douglas Lwanga gets Shs1.8m every month.