Peter Okoye, a member of defunct Nigerian music duo P-square has been married to his lovely wife Lola Omotayo for 8 years now.

Their love tale is one which conjures up as tied the knot on November 17, 2013, when they fell in love.

Their marriage became subjected to many controversies as most fans quizzed why Peter settled for a babe older than him.

Omotayo, while narrating how she met Peter and how they started bonking tubeless, she said;

“my organisation handles a few British American tobacco and the Peter and his singing bro, Paul came to perform for us at one of our parties. Though i had met with him before, this there was sort of connection.

He asked for my phone digits and of course played hard to get. I advised him, to look for other ways of getting the digits he really liked me. I don’t know how but finally got the digits and the rest is history!”

According to Lola, by that time she was in her 30s, and Peter in his 20s but that didn’t bother them.

“…like I stated peter was an antique soul and he always told me his real age. Age is just a number. He has never made me feel that i’m too old for him”.