Zari Hassan denies ever dating Rasta Rob MC. The South Africa-based socialite claims that the legendary Deejay must be suffering from amnesia because he dated her cousin not herself.

Rasta Rob: I let Zari go because she wasn't ready to be a stay ...

We earlier ran a story about how Rasta Rob MC revealed that he met Zari in Jinja as an 18-year-old and the two dated for over 3 months before calling it quits for divergent interests.

I Hit It First - Rasta Rob Opens Up About His Relationship With Zari

In a statement that made rounds on social media on Wednesday, Zari’s cleared the air about the claims that Rasta Rob was her first love and they dated for over 3 months.

Zari revealed that it’s a case of mistaken identity because Rasta Rob dated her cousin named Asha two decades ago. She also stated that he just wants to stay relevant in the industry by mentioning her name always.

I Moved Zari From The Village And Ate her Goat - Rasta Rob MC ...

“Pass him my message. Rasta byakoze bitya Rob must be having some kind of amnesia. Let me remind you, 2 decades ago (20 years) you were dating my cousin Asha. I was living with her for a while after I left Jinja and you had a huge crush on me but you were never my type. You had long rastas that stunk don’t even know how she managed with you. You’re trying to stay relevant by mentioning me every other time. But NO, I’ve never dated you. That’s an illusion of 20 years you’re holding on. I have people who claim to have slept with and swear by it. When you ask them where and when, they say they used my poster and wanked. Honey listen, you’re nolonger relevant”, Zari said.

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We don’t know where this goes but it seems like it will take a couple more twists before we get to know who’s telling the truth and who’s not.