Socialite Sheilah Gashumba aka Lil Stunner feels Faridah Nakazibwe fell for a ‘Mr. Wrong’ in Umar Ssali following Justine Nameere’s Revelation on Facebook.

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In her post, Nameere revealed how Umar hoodwinked Faridah and made her beef innocent people all in the name of love in a lengthy post.

“..For starters, I refer to him as Umalu Ssali because those are the names Nakazibwe put in her affidavit and Police statements as her husband’s names!
It was not just me, but he framed her other work mates, many of her friends and family in different angles – some as vibing him others as telling him cruel stuff about Nakazibwe! Unknown to Nakazibwe, he was making up all this stuff, creating fake pages and sending himself this stuff, to black mail her and have coercive control over her, but sadly framing innocent people! Creating bad blood that resulted into clashes between Nakazibwe and different people! It got nasty when he started taking screen shots of different information in her phone then he would send it to himself and use pseudo / fake accounts and phone numbers asking her for money or else he leaks the information! Nakazibwe says he would strictly and violently protect his phone from her and not allow her any access to it yet he would access her phone any time! With time he pulled similar stunts on Flavia Tusiime Kabuura who by then had just 3 weeks to her wedding with her now husband, Mr Andrew Kabuura! This man opened fake pages and actually got Nakazibwe convinced that Flavia was after him, a girl who was awaiting a wedding day! People are nuts! It is very sad how Nakazibwe believed and started attacking Flavia! Work mates and friends advised Flavia to quickly take legal action, that because Nakazibwe might attack her publicly like she did to me and cause unfair drama to her life all in the name of pleasing her lunatic! Flavia and her hubby quickly involved their Lawyers and CID! Work mates intervened and parties were brought to table to discuss “this mystery”! As usual Umalu Ssali never showed up for any Police or Lawyers’ meetings!”, Nameere opened up.

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Her post attracted sympathizers who felt sorry for her owing to the fact that she was judged harshly when love blinded Faridah attacked her in 2018. Apparently Faridah was tipped off by Umar that Nameere wanted to swallow his reptile.

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Now Sheilah has come out and added her voice on the Faridah-Nameere saga. Lil Stunner who appears to side with Nameere applauds her for being brave and enduring the harsh public judgement.

I just read this post again and watched the video!! The emotions you have in the video show how much pain you went through!! Im glad you have shared the truth!! I always say that social media has some how decided to portray some good people as bad people because soo many people are judgemental!! So many people wouldn’t understand your point or they will think your seeking attention but don’t pay mind to that because it’s 1% of the people here know how it feels for the world to judge you falsely or for someone to make certain accusation. Unfortunately some of us don’t fight to show the truth but this video will be an example to everyone else in the public eye never to let defamation or accusation go unturned or exposed til the truth is out and it will send out another message to people who come up to accuse others falsely that Karma is a bitch…”, she partly commented before telling Faridah the plain truth.

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“And for Faridah Nakazibwe, I’m sorry you were a victim of a crazy guy who I think needs help and I think if you came out to say your story, it would teach fellow women a lesson or two but nevertheless I think apologizing to Justin Nameere should have been top priority to you because the people you fear to judge you are the same people you threw Justin into to be judged falsely!! I wish you both the best regardless”.

Faridah Nakazibwe is still mute perhaps still pondering for the next step.

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We shall keep you posted.