Word making rounds in Bongo is that Diamond Platnumz and his family are planning to welcome his two kids with the biggest party ever seen.

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Apparently after talking to Zari Hassan, the two parents have agreed on how they will be co parenting their kids without any issues. So far they have been communicating and after staying away from them for 2 years; Diamond will soon be uniting with his little humans!

This was revealed by a source close to Diamond Platnumz and his family. The informer revealed that Mama Dangote is quite excited to finally see Tiffah and Nillan after so long.

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According to the source, the only thing standing in between Diamond, Zari and the kids is Coronavirus which no one knows when it will disappear.

However Zari is ready to reunite the kids with their dad in TZ. The source went on to add saying;

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“Mungu tu asaidie maana walipanga iwe baada ya Ramadhani na kama unavyojua Ramadhani inaisha wiki ijayo, hivyo itabaki kizuizi tu cha Corona na mambo yakiwa safi, basi watoto wanakuja”.

Since the event will be live, fans can’t wait to see the chemistry between Zari and Diamond Platnumz as they meet face to face; 2 years after their major break up!

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