Charles Peter Mayiga has some question marks on some of the activities during Covid-19.

NTV Thursday night hosted the Buganda Premier on their political show Spot On.

Mayiga, a lawyer, responded on a number of issues including Covid-19 and Bobi Wine.

Bobi real name Robert Kyagulanyi has openly come out to say he is going to stand for President.

The moderator Patrick Kamara asked Premier Mayiga whether he would vote for him.

He said: “I only have one vote and it’s a secret ballot, I cannot tell you.”

Mayiga on the alleged beating of Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake said security needed to act professional.

He castigated: “The security agencies need to be professional, they don’t need to be violent. I don’t understand why Zaake was beaten the way he was beaten, I have seen other MPs distributing food and they haven’t been called to police stations to make statements.”

The Buganda Premier disagreed with MPs for deciding to pay themselves to monitor Covid-19 activities.

Mayiga said: “I don’t think the MPs were right about the 20M neither are they right about taking the 40M, I think that is even worse than the 20M. Parliament should stand up to the executive.”