Socialite Zari Hassan has seen it all! She has over the years eaten life with a big spoon, dated all tribes of men on this planet.

However, the stunning mother of five maintains that among the reptiles she has reared and swallowed, her late hubby, Ivan Ssemwanga comes on top.

Zari has bonked and whined with TZ star, Diamond Platnumz, Farouk Ssempala, Isaac Lugudde, King Bae among others but she crowns Ssemwanga who passed on in 2017 as the real he Goat in all aspects of life.

“You still the G.O.A.T even after 3 years of your passing. The game has never been the same since you left, December’s are nolonger the same, obubalaza here in SA aint the same, pop bottle games not the same, your giving heart was never matched. You were the ‘UN office for all’. Everyone else is just clowning or chasing clout. Your shoes are too big to fit/fill.
Continue resting in peace champ, 3years already but it seems like yesterday. We love you and miss you always #TheDon, she posted on her FB wall.

Before his death, the pair lived a lavish life, made it rain of city broke party animals, cruised expensive rides and all luxuries life money offer.

He is survived by three boys who stay with Zari in South Africa.