Police in Fortportal is investigating circumstances under which an 18-year-old woman was brutally hacked and left to die for refusing to abort a pregnancy.

Atuhaire Brenda a resident of Bukwali Kitumbi village in East Division, Fortpotal municipality, Kabarole district was found dead by area residents after being stabbed several times with a knife.

The residents accuse the husband of Migisha Brian – 20 years of murdering his wife in cold blood.

The residents of Bukwali village narrate the husband has been forcing the deceased to either abort his pregnancy or return to her parent’s home.

It is alleged that after Atuhaire refused to do any of the above Mugisha turned her into a punching bag and also stopped providing basic needs for the family.

The Rwenzori West Police spokesperson, Vincent Twesige said the suspect was found trying to commit suicide. and has been admitted to Fort Portal regional referral hospital.

Police also discovered exhibits including murder weapons such as a knife with a silver handle stained with blood were recovered from the scene.

Rwenzori West region police spokesperson Vincent Twesigye has confirmed that investigations into the matter is ongoing.

The body is at Fortpotal referral regional hospital Buhinga for postmortem and the suspect is receiving treatment in the same hospital.