A fuming crowd of Villagers in Chegere Sub County in Apac district has burnt to ashes several households belonging to over 50 locals as punishment for the murder of their colleague.

The irate crowd from Okadameri clan stormed Amunomia pii village on Thursday night with machetes, fuel, and lighters creating a scene before torching down the households.

Over 50 occupants of the burned houses including children were forced to run out of their houses and spent the better part of the night shivering in the cold.

Seven grass-thatched houses, two permanent houses, and household property were destroyed.

The incident comes after the deceased a 58-year-old Nelson Abila, was killed during a fistfight with his friend David Ewan.

Eye witness reports claim that Abila was headed home when he collided with Ewan who had gone for treatment at a nearby trading center.

The two got involved in a heated argument that led Ewan to severally kick Abila hard on the chest leaving him unconscious.

Abila was quickly rushed to a nearby clinic but died upon arrival, this angered his clan members to avenge his demise.

Apac District Police Commander, Philip Mukasa says police have stepped up security to avoid further mob action.

He says they have also picked up three suspects to aid their investigations.