When socialite Bad Black starts speaking about bonking older men, everyone must listen!

Police summons Bad Black

She is one of those certified thigh vendors who have seen it all. She has reared and swallowed all tribes of wild reptiles and still going strong. In one of her latest interviews, Bad Black spares a few minutes to caution upcoming thigh vendors and young babes on dating older loaded men.

“…in a good faith like a mother, you may say that i yap so much but today i will advise you…use your brains more than you use your private parts. These city babes like lurking every new loaded guy who comes with hopes of getting free money”, she said.

Socialite Bad Black has cautioned young girls on relationships with older men. This is after several girls came out to accuse Bryan White of rape and torture #Livewireupdates

Posted by SPARK TV on Thursday, May 28, 2020

This is after several babes came out to accuse former Podium King Bryan White of rape and torture. These babes headed by a one Vivian Mutanda claim that Bryan White used to bonk them in a threesome. She says he did not impregnate them but also forcing the to abort.

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Now they have since reported the case to Parliament’s human rights committee and anytime from now, Bryan White could be squeezed on these accusations he has always denied wholeheartedly.

We shall keep you posted!