Yesterday was a memorable day for People Power disciples and Silent Majority ardent fans. Seeing Bebe Cool’s son Alpha Thierry Ssali chilling with Bobi’s eldest son, Solomon Kampala was such a huge message to them.

As you may know, Bebe and Bobi have not shared a cup of tea for over 10 years. Many thought it was the same case with their kids but Alpha and Solomon changed the narrative. The two kids are actually tight buddies!

Another interesting thing the mighty online investigative team noticed is that Alpha apparently borrowed his mum, Zuena Kirema’s T-shirt.

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According to them, the upcoming soccer star was putting on the same T-shirt Zuena wore while she jetted to Nigeria with boo Bebe Cool for Guinness gig.

The said voop is Army Green in color with a Nike label! Could it be the same T-shirt or different but with same color and design?

Be the judge as we wait for any member from the Ssalis to clear air.